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FOS Solution Benefits and Automation in 2024

June 20, 20246 min read

FOS Solution Benefits and Automation in 2024

Since they work directly with clients, front office operations are the most crucial components. In FOS Solution 43% of the visitors ban a brand after a negative encounter. This is a perfect example of how important customer happiness is to retaining customers and expanding the business, particularly in front-office functions like sales, customer support, marketing, and the like.

Front office duties may also be automated with AI technologies like RPA, WLA, process mining, and others, much like back office robotization. BPM studies indicate that improving and automating main operations may result in a 72-percent improvement in client satisfaction.

Business directors, however, could be entitled to a thorough understanding of front office automation. Alternatively, they can give front office robotization a lower priority than back office robotization.   

This essay examines the idea of front-office robotization, its importance, and the top five examples.

What is front office automation?

Automating front desk activities is known as front office robotization, and it works similarly to:

  • Post-sale services,

  • Providing information on upcoming releases,

  • Marketing campaigns and more,

Using an array of automation instruments, like:

  • RPA

  • WLA

  • Process mining

  • NLP

  • OCR

  • ML

What advantages may front office automation offer?

1. Increase operational efficiency

The main advantage of front office robotization is that it increases operation effectiveness by speeding up back and forth between the client and the employee.   Chatbots with RPA capabilities, for example, can be used to manage FAQs. Chatbots can provide replies to clients more quickly than a human representative since they can extract and bury their "pre-made" responses from information bases. Consequently, the client's problem would be resolved quickly, increasing their level of satisfaction.  

2. Spare time for valuable tasks

Alternatively, robotization tools can increase the pool by assisting employees rather than doing a representative's duties in an all-encompassing manner. For example, before to a sales presentation, the representative can instruct the bot to quickly get all of the information about a client's prior interactions with the business, such as:

  • Their activity on their website,

  • Repeating what they had discussed with chatbots, customer support representatives, and past deals,

  • Purchasing history, and more.

The sales representative may use the data to provide a more laser-focused and tailored sales pitch. Additionally, the deals representatives may make more deals calls with the time they save by not having to spend pulling up the data.   Thus, saving employees' time is another advantage of front office robotization.

What applications does FOS Solution automation have?

1. Handling common queries

RPA chatbots may respond to typical questions like these:

  • FAQs,

  • Shipping status,

  • Invoice details,

  • Refund requests,

  • Complaints and suggestions submissions,

  • Changing account information,

  • Requesting more details about a product/service,

  • Requesting to speak with a live representative, among other things.  

Because of the chatbots' speedy B2B and B2C interactions, frequent questions that would otherwise take up reps' and visitors' time may be handled quickly.

One further advantage of automating routine searches is that the results become more nuanced. In the event that a customer requests their own tab data, the chatbot will display their details rather than those of another user. Tab robotization removes misunderstandings and the need to take additional effort to sort out similar preventable problems.

2. Analyzing sales processes

Process mining is an additional tool used in both back office and front office robotization. Using event log data stored in CRM and SAP systems, process mining may assist in examining the deal processes and automatically identifying opportunities for improvement. For example, process mining can identify the longest delay in a sales process between a client's request for support on a purchase and the time a sales representative responds to her.  

Sour remediation and troubleshooting may result from manually testing each step and subprocess of a deal's operations and analyzing the data from their event logs to find backups and destruction.

Data-driven conservation of transactions processes has the advantage of providing businesses with a "template" to focus their efforts on areas that require improvement.

3. Complaints and suggestion handling

Asking a client about their experience raises the likelihood that they will disclose it. Additionally, attending to and attempting to address such grievances will increase the visitors' faithfulness by 83%.

Businesses may use conversational AI to program chatbots to inquire about drug complaints from users and immediately accept them, saving visitors from needing to find another runner. Additionally, the RPA bots may go through each complaint that has been made, comprehend its general content, and label and classify them so that the representatives can handle them based on their assigned urgency. These capabilities are achieved via the use of NLP and OCR functions.

The liability of representatives neglecting or failing to perceive recommendations and complaints can be reduced by placing them in different pails. The responsibility of promptly entering and handling complaints is increased by front office robotization.

4. Newsletters and marketing content

Employees in marketing and sales may neglect to send out daily newsletters and the latest marketing information on schedule and on occasion.

Robotics in the front office can be useful. They may utilize WLA technologies to plan the distribution of these newsletters and deals information to druggies' dispatch addresses on designated days and times, eliminating uncertainty and missing deadlines.

Furthermore, the marketing material might be chosen with the stoner's interests in mind. Personalization machines equipped with machine learning algorithms may analyze a stoner's interactions with the company on various social media platforms to determine the kind of information, product, or outcome that piques their interest.

Hence, a large amount of front office robotization, such as lead nurturing and sales outreach, may be automated and made more focused.   Study up on recommendation systems.

5. Department-specific process automation

Bots may automate data-driven decision making in the front office by adhering to business rules unique to the department they are operating in.   

For example, claims processing is an insurance procedure that necessitates correspondence between the insured and the insurance representative in order to get all relevant information on the accident and its aftermath.

By cross-referencing the provided client data with the business rules, bots can be misused to inadvertently ascertain if the insurance plan covers a certain accident, medical procedure, or mishap.

In the case of telecom, visitors may check the website whether the designated service provider serves their region by entering the megacity, city, fiefdom, and quarter in which they now reside. In order to determine if the provided locations are referenced in the knowledge base, the bot would take the given data and use APIs to interchange it between the databases.

Similar front-desk operations may be automated to provide druggies with fast and correct responses. This guarantees that their inquiries will be attended to promptly and that the responses they provide are compliant with the company's policies.   For example, a financial institution says that employing RPA and robotization in front-office processes allowed them to get a 50% 3 client satisfaction rating.


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