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With cost-effective credentialing services from XYBERMED, you can leave the heavy lifting and paperwork to us. We provide the expertise and quality credentialing and billing services to help save you time and money.


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Our experts at Billing Advantage remove the uncertainty and anxiety from completing the credentialing procedure. You may be sure that the verification you receive from us is current and of high quality by using our straightforward outsourcing process. Whether you're a lone expert, a surgical facility, a sanitarium, or a medical practice, we can tailor our credentialing and provider registration services to meet your unique needs.

Mental Health Billing and Credentialing Services: What We Can Offer You Verifying a healthcare provider's medical qualifications establishes their eligibility to provide patient care, a process known as provider credentialing. Taking the lead during a new hire's onboarding is fashionable. Verification of credentials is required by many healthcare providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, in order to become an in-network provider. We can assist you in figuring out which insurance, PPOs, and HMOs are most widely utilized in your community.

What is covered under healthcare credentialing?

Our Billing and Credentialing Services Advantage include the following:

Evaluating your suitability to apply for in-network status with several PPOs, HMOs, and health insurance providers.
Access the paperwork needed to apply.

Complete online applications, such CAQH, and submit an application to receive an NPI.

Continue to monitor the status of your application and provide any information that is lacking. Complete any re-credentialing paperwork as requested by insurance plans.

Find out who pays the most often in your neighborhood by doing some research before applying.

Applications for specific providers or groups to insurance payers

CAQH maintenance and updating

Payspan, EFT, and Optum Pay setup

Address, phone number, and roster modifications and changes

Medicare re-validations

Hospital Admitting Privileges

DEA License

State License

NPI Creation

Insurance Credentialing Services:

Insurance Credentialing Services These days, insurance credentialing—also referred to as provider insurance credentialing—is crucial for all practices. Your clinic wouldn't be able to apply to insurance carriers for provider panel eliminations without it. You may bill insurance companies as in-network providers with this approach. You are also qualified to bill clients for your services after you have met certain requirements and been approved.

Physician Credentialing and Re-Credentialing:

Re-Credentialing is the process of examining and verifying that the medical certifications held by your personnel are current on a regular basis. This procedure not only warns healthcare groups about fraud but also verifies education and training. In the majority of nations, medical providers must recertify every two years. Failing to do so may result in fines, forfeitures, and warrants.  

Credentialing Services for Providers You Can Trust :

Obtaining and re-obtaining medical credentials is without a doubt the best method for ensuring that the information about your provider is current and correct. Additionally, they ensure that you cooperate with insurance plans so that you may receive third-party reimbursement for your case care.   All we need from you to do to get started is gather and complete the necessary documents. You can delegate the laborious chores to us as well. It is noteworthy that the procedure of obtaining medical credentialing is somewhat extensive. The entire registration procedure may take up to six months, depending on the insurance company.   Contact our experts as soon as you've gathered your documentation and are prepared to proceed. For further specifics, please contact us at +1 631-759-8100 

Although it takes time, obtaining croaker, medical, and sanitarium credentialing is a legal requirement that guarantees the safety and appropriate handling of your clients. However, it also safeguards your sanitarium or installation and providers by vindicating that education conditions, past job experience, If done appropriately.

1-1st Class Reimbursement:

Take advantage of first-choice payment rates to maximize your financial savings. This increases your profitability and level of pleasure because you get paid more for doing the same services.

2-Maximum Privileges:

Our efficient method not only obtains contracts for you but also important benefits. You'll be able to participate in cutting-edge initiatives and receive motivation for excellent work.

You'll save valuable time since you'll be ready to bill from the start. A special provider identification number (Leg) will be assigned to you, enabling you to electronically file claims and follow them online.  

4-Swift Reimbursement
Faster Remittances guarantee your practice a steady stream of revenue. We accept payments within 15 to 30 days on average, so you won't have to wait months to acknowledge them.

5-Payer Support Insurance :
providers will support your needs and stand by you thanks to our lobbying. We negotiate and settle any disputes on your behalf, ensuring that you are paid promptly and fairly.  

6-Minimize Denials :
Denials become a thing of the past with our moxie, increasing your efficacy. We decrease crimes and rejections by verifying eligibility, obtaining authorizations, and submitting proper claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Common Questions

What is medical billing and coding?

Medical Billing: Once the medical codes are assigned, the billing process begins. Medical billers use the coded information to generate claims and invoices for reimbursement from insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, or patients themselves. They ensure that the claims are accurate and comply with regulations and guidelines set forth by payers. This may involve verifying patient insurance coverage, submitting claims electronically or via mail, and following up on unpaid claims or denials.

Why is accurate coding important for healthcare providers?

Proper Reimbursement: Accurate coding ensures that healthcare providers are appropriately reimbursed for the services they provide. Incorrect coding can lead to underpayment or overpayment, affecting the financial stability of the practice.Legal Compliance: Healthcare providers must adhere to coding regulations set forth by government agencies such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and private insurers. Failure to comply with coding standards can result in penalties, fines, or legal consequences.

How does your medical billing company handle medical claims reimbursement and denial management?

Accurate claim submission is only the beginning. We take over from there, communicating with payers to shepherd each claim to resolution. Tracking status closely allows rapid response to any issues. Underpayments and denials receive dogged follow-up and appeal when justified. Years of experience equip us to overcome obstacles and ensure you receive every dollar, on time. Claims reimbursement is complex but our expertise delivers results.

How can your services improve my practice's revenue?

Accurate Coding: Ensuring accurate and complete coding of medical services and procedures can lead to higher reimbursement rates. Proper coding helps prevent undercoding (which leads to missed revenue) or overcoding (which can result in audits and penalties).Timely Billing: Prompt submission of claims and invoices improves cash flow by reducing the time between providing services and receiving payment. Efficient billing processes can minimize delays in reimbursement and optimize revenue cycle

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As a healthcare provider, transitioning to XyberMed for our medical billing needs has been a transformative experience. Their cutting-edge technology and personalized approach have streamlined our billing processes, resulting in increased revenue and reduced administrative burdens.

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The XyberMed team's commitment to staying up-to-date with industry changes ensures that our practice remains compliant and efficient. We are grateful for their expertise and highly recommend XyberMed to any healthcare organization seeking top-notch medical billing services

XyberMed takes a personal approach to your company’s billing. We are ready and willing to assist you in maintaining a more profitable and efficient practice. Our staff is uniquely qualified, being comprised of experienced and trained Managers.

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